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Is Your Cleaning Company Ready to Clean the Coronavirus ?

Coronavirus Cleaning Supplies provides you with EPA Registered (93672) and CDC Approved products that allow your Clients and their Businesses to re-open with confidence. Disinfection goes beyond standard cleaning service, and requires specific protocols and cleaning products. Your environments will be as clean, safe, and healthy as possible with the use of our Products !

 As the country begins to relax stay at home orders and businesses reopen, companies must have plans in place to  reduce the spread and threat of the COVID-19.  At Coronavirus Cleaning Supplies we offer your the Products  you need to get client’s businesses back up and running. The COVID-19 pandemic will affect how we serve our customers in the near future and in the long term.   

 Every business, school, church, facility, grocery store, pharmacy, apartment building, hotel, library, museum, gym and athletic club, restaurant, general office, doctor’s offices, dentist offices, shopping mall, public transportation,  amusement parks and entertainment centers, government buildings, airports, bank, hospital, nursing homes, retirement homes, planetarium, casino, as well as many more, must now be concerned with preventing infection exposure, not just regular cleaning. Disinfection goes beyond a standard cleaning service and requires specific protocols. 

 Coronavirus Cleaning Supplies can provide you with a certificate of disinfection with the date and time of your disinfection. Displaying this can reassure your customers and their clients that you are taking ongoing measures to help protect them.

Individual states and counties are also beginning to develop their own protocols and requirements for reopening, so it will be important to address any of those in your planning, as well. Here are a few things to pass on to your clients to help them to prepare to re-open?

  • Use only products that are EPA Register and CDC Approved
  • Educate Employees on How to Safely Return to Work
  • Establish Safe and Healthy Business Operations
  • Prepare a Healthy Work Environment by Implementing Hygiene Procedures.

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